domingo, 28 de marzo de 2010

Maria Vogel

Yesterday I went to the Maria Vogel fashion show, some of you might remember her because of the time I post some pics of her designs here.

The place looked very nice and well organized. I even had a chair with my name on it (I forgot to take a picture of it u.u)

I like a lot the show, they have amazing clothes and shoes!

Here are some of the pictures I took during the show:

OMG I want those shoes…

After all those great clothes, the last 2 items: the cute reconstructed dresses we already know.

I still cannot get over that great black dress!

I had a great time, congratulations to Maria Vogel for the great work she did on the collection and show.

I wish we can see her designs and shoes for sale somewhere soon ñ_ñ

Stay tuned to her blog for news and official pictures.

She also has a fan page on facebook: become a fan here.


martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

DIY - High-Waisted Short


Ya me siento mejor, ya solo me queda la tos… pero he tenido poco tiempo así que aquí les dejo un DIY súper sencillo, a ver qué les parece.

I feel better now, I have just cough now… even thought I have no too much time so that is why here is a super easy DIY, let me know if you did like it.



martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

Sábado de Festival

El sábado pasado fui al Festival Nrmal que se celebró en la Alianza Francesa de Monterrey… aquí les dejo algunas fotos de lo que vi. Last Saturday I went to the Festival Nrmal and here are some pictures I took that day:

Cupcakes from QuieroPosh.

Dolls, Illustrations and Hand Painted Tees by Sin Tantos Modales.
Temporary Tatoos from Taquitojocoque.

De la música que tuve oportunidad de escuchar esta fue mi favorita: Robot Koch + Grace From all the music in the festival, this band was my fave Robot Knoch + Grace the girl has great voice.

Sorry que no he posteado muy seguido pero sigo ocupada, además que he estado agripada estos días… trataré de postear semanalmente como lo hacía antes. Sorry I haven´t posted as often as before but I´m still busy and also I was sick but I´m getting better now, I hope I can get back to normal posts soon.


lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010


Hola ya volví... Hello, I´m back

Anduve un poco ocupada estos días con un evento que tuve para mi negociecín, pero toso salipo muy bien, asi que si les interesa ver las fotos de cómo quedo la mesa que diseñé para el evento den clic en la siguiente foto… I was busy all this week working for an event of my little business, everything was good so if you want to see the result pictures click on the following picture:

Ayer, como muchas de ustedes, estuve livetwiteando con mis amigas twitteras durante los Oscares, estuvo muy divertido, si quieres saber cuáles fueron mis outfits favoritos durante la alfombra roja den clic en la siguiente foto... I give myself time yesterday to tweet with some twitter friends live during the Oscars, if you want to see my favorite outfits from red carpet click on the next image:

Debido a que estuve ocupada con el evento que les mencione no tuve oportunidad de ir al MTY Fashion pero Keitai si, así que si desean ver el reporte que estará próximamente en su blog… ya saben, clic!... And for the ones that wanted to know what happened on Mty Fashion well sorry I couldn’t go because of the business thing but, Keitai did go so if you want to know everything stay tuned to her blog… you already know what to do, just click.

Tambien aprovecho este post para agradecer a Ana de Coffe Break por el premio que me otorgo hace unas semanas, las reglas están aquí (yo casi nunca las sigo :S ) y se lo paso a todas mis paisanas bloggeras que tengo en mi blogroll. I also want to thank to Ana from Coffe break for the award she gave ma few weeks ago, I want to pass it to all the Mexican bloggers I got in my blogroll under Paisanas list.

Espero postear algo lindo pronto… I hope I can post something nice soon.

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